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Good Client Relationships

Executive Summary

This document is not intended as a step-by-step guide on how to manage a building project. There are lots of publications explaining the process in detail (some of these are identified in the text) and the professional team will also provide expert guidance through each stage of the project. The focus of this guide is on good leadership and so will be of most use to college principals and senior members of their team who are to take key roles in the project.

Highly involved and informed clients have always obtained the best service and performance from the construction industry and this document explains how a committed client can transform the outcome of a project – creating an excellent building that will also capture the college’s aspirations.

It covers all stages of a project from first thoughts about the need for a project to the completed project in use.

Principal Author; Carol Lelliot.

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Building a shared vision
A Project Champion and the Client team
Project Objectives and Future Measurement
Collecting Existing Information/Useful Surveys
Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Appointing a Team


Setting a context for the design
External consultations
Developing the design
Managing Costs/The Programme


Matching Procurement to College Priorities/Capturing College Requirements
Appointing a Contractor/Communication
Project Milestones/Completion


Using the Building / Final Summary
Useful links